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Divorce Attorneys For Military Families

At Lynnae Lee & Associates, our firm’s attorneys bring more than 50 years of combined experience to bear on every case our firm handles. As part of that caseload, we regularly work with military families going through divorce.

We can represent you here or abroad. Clients from every branch of the military have worked with us.

Experienced Military Divorce Lawyers

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Our years of working with military families across Honolulu, Hawaii, mean we understand military life. We understand the unique legal issues you face during divorce proceedings and can help you understand them, too.

We know your language. In fact, one of our attorneys worked at the ROTC office in college. Further, the firm has worked with a military pro bono project for more than 10 years, answering Hawaii-related family law questions for military members from around the country.

Those years of experience mean we also have the seasoned legal judgment you want for your own case. We understand how military divorce law works in Hawaii and how to help you avoid hidden pitfalls.

Our knowledge of military law and military experience also means we can dedicate our time to listening to you and to crafting legal solutions tailored to your specific circumstances. We can hit the ground running in your case instead of spending time and money reinventing the wheel.

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