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Does your ex fight you on every child care decision?

Some parents get along great after being married, and making joint decisions is easy. For other parents, it's not so easy and one or both spouses seem to fight each other on every single decision.

When fighting between ex-spouses gets so bad that they can't come to agreement on even the simplest of decisions regarding their children, court intervention could be required.

Keeping your teen happy during divorce: 3 tips

A divorce is hard on the couple going through it, but it's also hard on their children, family and friends. If you have a teen, then you know that he or she may be extremely sensitive to this topic. Your child might have child custody concerns or be against the divorce completely.

As a parent, you need to make time for your teen, so you can explain your divorce in an appropriate way. Here are three ways you can make your teen more comfortable while you finalize your divorce.

Americans less and less critical of divorce

In the 1950s, divorce was considered scandalous. In those days, people who could no longer make marriage work were routinely shunned and excluded.

But ever since, our tolerance and acceptance of divorce as something natural and even positive has grown.

9 Rules for making best of shared custody

Comparing schedules. Designating holidays. Shuffling your kids from one house to the other. Sharing custody of your kids is no easy feat, how are you supposed to work with an ex that you don't see eye-to-eye with? The good news is, ex-spouse's successfully co-parent all the time. The bad news is, now it's your turn to make it work.

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