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We Are The Lawyers You Should Speak To

For that reason, our attorneys want to be available to you from the very beginning. When clients call us, our lawyers make every effort to have a member of our legal team answer the phone. Like you, we do not want to hear a recorded message of phone options if we can avoid it.

Why Do We Do That?

We know that our clients from throughout Honolulu, Hawaii, seek us out because of our commitment to personalized legal representation. When it comes to helping you with your divorce case, family law dispute or other legal matter, we firmly believe that personalized service makes the difference.

By emphasizing our accessibility, we make listening to you a priority. Because we will get to know you and will work closely with you throughout your case, we can also make our representation responsive to changes in your life.

Between them, our attorneys hold more than 50 years of legal experience. As a result, we understand how to serve clients best.

Our experience matters. Because we know how the law works, we can advise you candidly and effectively if your case comes to involve an uncertain or changing area of law. We will make it our job to help you understand a wide variety of options so you can then choose from options intelligently.

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