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With over 50 years of experience handling Family Law matters, including military divorces

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More Than 50 Years Of Experience

At Lynnae Lee & Associates, our lawyers work towards creative solutions for peace of mind. For that reason, we start making ourselves accessible to you from the very beginning: When you call us, we answer.

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We Listen To You

We are a Honolulu based firm serving all the people of Hawaii. Between them, our attorneys have more than 50 years of experience assisting people with legal problems throughout the island.

That experience means we understand how people behave in difficult situations. Particularly when children are involved, we can provide you with the objective judgment you need when you yourself might be feeling too emotional.

Our experience also means we possess the seasoned legal judgment necessary to advise you wisely, especially today when so many business and tax strategies are being used for the first time to protect family assets. You will rest easier knowing you can rely on our advice even when the law itself may be developing, vague or even nonexistent.

Whatever your circumstances, we will provide you with a candid and frank assessment of your case. You will know exactly what we think so you can make an intelligent decision about what course of action to pursue next.

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