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Divorcing with a very young child

Going through a divorce while your child is under the age of one is a very difficult thing to do. You may feel guilty that your child will never know a time when their parents were happily married. However, you should also look at the positives of the situation....

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Why can military divorces be more complex?

When divorcing as a person in the military, you might wonder why there might be additional issues relating to your military status when it comes to filing for a divorce. While all divorces, regardless of whether you are in the military or not, face roughly the same...

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How marital property is divided in Hawaii

During a marriage, income and property are generally regarded as shared resources. Over the years, it is likely that the way that married couples budget and run their finances is commingled. One of the most problematic aspects of going through a divorce is the fact...

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Winning full custody in Hawaii

Winning full custody in a custody battle where the other parent is filing for joint custody can be a challenging situation to be in. However, there are likely to be very good reasons for why you are doing this. Perhaps you are worried about the way that the other...

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