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How to handle a child who wants to live with their other parent

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Divorce is a difficult thing to accept for both parents and children experiencing a family breakup in Hawaii. It can also be tasking to deal with the emotional blow dealt when a parent finds out that their child would rather live with their ex-spouse.

Both parents will need to put aside their emotions at some point to discuss the new child custody arrangement with each other and with the children. Parents should keep a few things in mind when initiating these discussions.

It is first necessary to explain to the child that their thoughts and feelings are important even when the parent is in disagreement. When the parent makes this promise, he or she must be willing to hear the child out without interrupting them.

Once the child understands that they are free to speak their thoughts and feelings, they should also understand that rude behavior is not acceptable. The separation of parents is an emotional thing for a child, so parents should make sure the child knows that if they become upset at any time during the conversation, they have the option of taking a break until they feel better.

The parent must attempt to understand the experience through the eyes and heart of the child. Understanding the child’s perspective of things is especially important when considering a request from the child to live with the other parent. Parents should also be open with each other about the conversations that each of them have with the child. Parents will enjoy a better start at co-parenting children if everything is out in the open on both sides from the beginning.

Parents should refrain from taking things personally if their child expresses that he or she would rather live with the other parent. In addition, both parents should avoid saying negative things to the child about the other parent.

The breakup of a family is an emotional process that will present difficulties for everyone involved. Individuals with children may find the divorce process to be a smoother with the help of a divorce attorney.