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Americans less and less critical of divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2017 | Divorce |

In the 1950s, divorce was considered scandalous. In those days, people who could no longer make marriage work were routinely shunned and excluded.

But ever since, our tolerance and acceptance of divorce as something natural and even positive has grown.

Consider the latest Gallup Values & Beliefs poll, conducted May 3-7. It shows that America’s acceptance of divorce is up another percentage point, to 73 percent. That’s how many of us view the dissolution of marriage as “morally acceptable.”

A drift toward acceptance

Society’s beliefs are obviously on the move – up 14% from 2001, when Gallup asked the same question. And up a whopping 29% since 1954, when the question asked whether people “believed” in divorce – 53% believed, and 43% did not believe.

This is interesting: people who have been married and are now divorced or widowed have exactly the same opinion about marriage as those who have never married!

Gallup describes the results as a continuing sign that American values are continuing to drift “leftward,” toward greater tolerance and acceptance.

We believe that both views serve a good purpose. We should value and support marriage, because it remains the heart of our culture, and our hope for the future. When it’s good, it’s very, very good.

At the same time, we are just human beings, and there are circumstances that call out for change. We believe it is good to have a safety valve to keep unhappiness from boiling over.

Our two cents’ worth

At Lynnae Lee & Associates, we work with clients who seek divorce that allows people to start again and to create new lives.

We are not the “bulldog” type of law firm that yells and throws a fit to get its way. Our vision is to find a way for people to resolve their differences without rancor, and to take another stab at happiness.

When you need us, call us. We can help you start that better life.